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04/01/10 - Now CRB Checked
Our engineers are now all CRB checked.

Please contact us for Enhanced Disclosure Numbers.

27/12/09 - Plastic Headcap Assemblies
Recent changes to BS 5306: Part 3 - "Commission and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers" includes a section on extinguishers with plastic head assemblies. With age, plastic becomes brittle and can lead to problems with pressurised vessels, particularly cartridge-operated extinguishers.

The new standard states that headcap assemblies should be renewed at every extended service, usually at 5 yearly intervals. However, it may not be cost effective to spend money on older extinguishers and therefore, we are offering a discount off our normal list price for new extinguishers purchased as replacements for plastic headed units.

Please contact us for further details.

23/12/09 - Coloured Extinguishers Are Not Illegal
We have been advised that representatives from two of our competitors have been telling our customers that the old British Standard cream-coloured foam extinguishers are illegal . . . this is complete and utter rubbish!

All new extinguishers manufactured since 01/01/1997 should be red in colour with a maximum 5% of the body area allowed to be colour-coded in accordance with the contents.

This change was not however, retrospective meaning that users could have new (European Standard) red extinguishers as well as old (British Standard) colour-coded extinguishers, although it is good practice not to mix old and new where possible.

Until such time as the old extinguishers become unserviceable, they are perfectly legal!

22/12/09 - New Address Details
Please amend your records with immediate effect. All payments, invoices, statements and correspondence should now be sent to our new address. The new phone number of 01473 824 601 can now be used.

14/12/09 - IMPORTANT: Use mobile number only!
We are in the process of changing our landline telephone numbers due to a change of premises, please contact us on 01473 824 601 until further notice.

22/12/08 - Are you managing fire safety effectively?
Not only should the Responsible Person carry out a Fire Risk Assessment in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but he should ensure that there is correct and proper management of fire safety, risks and hazards.

Click here to read more information on Fire Risk Assessments and see some examples of how not to do things.

01/07/08 - Staff Update
Many customers will by now have met Patrick, our no. 1 engineer. Patrick joined us in March 2008 and, after training, became FETA qualified in June 2008. Patrick is proving to be a welcome addition to the team, taking a lot of the pressure of work off me.

Don’t forget, I remain committed to paying salary only – no commission, no sales targets; just go and do the job properly is my ethos.

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